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FOR SALE    &Waiting Restoration

We still have all our childrens' chairs for your long awaited grand/child although a couple have now been bagged for our first crop of grandchildren!

Danish DesignThonets

New Replica Steamer Chair


We have a large collection of unrestored chairs for sale.  I will be photographing these and putting them up on the website over the next few months.  If you would like to come and see what we have, please give us a ring.

Original Steamer Chairs
Steamer Chairs are so named because they were originally used on steam ships.

The original 'deck chair'.


We sold our last two large steamers (with arms) to the production company who have made the film 'Sherlock Holmes II). 


Small steamer fully restored.  The only one left.  Only suitable for a child or for display/decorative purposes.


(the height of the chair in relation to the door handle gives an idea of the size of the two steamers)


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An exceedingly rare gilded bentwood childs chair of unknown age; with a surprise in the base.

Not a Thonet but very cute.

The movement has been removed for restoration.


There is a musical movement in the base of the chair.

I have been told that, unfortunately, the present movement comes from the 1950's and is not the original.

The original would have played 2 tunes (airs) and came from the maker

Henri Phalibois of Paris

I am trying to find a replacement of the correct vintage

The movement in place.

There are a couple of broken teeth on the cog in the governor assembly.

It would be great to find another Henri Phalibois 2 airs movement to replace the present one. 

The cane in the seat is very 'shabby chic' as is the rest of the chair.

It is difficult to know whether to restore this chair or leave it in unrestored condition.






A pair of Thonet No. 12s

The latest pair in the collection, currently undergoing major conservation/restoration.

Very early examples.  The paper labels are long gone although there are traces of the glue, now blackened and crumbled, which stuck them to the frame.

This is the early THONET stamp

The holes for the caning on the back and seat are very close together which indicates that the cane used was very fine. 

Another indication of the age of the chairs.  The chairs have been treated for woodworm and the inner caned frame has had wood hardener applied as it was very fragile.

These will be sold as a pair   £150 in totally unrestored

A pair of very rare Angels

#163 #164

Thonet No 19   -   Known as 'The Angel Chair'

The chairs have wooden seats; they were never caned. 

Available unrestored






Seat of the 'peacock' chair



Thonet No 25, known as the 'peacock design'. 

Original (2nd) paper label and stamped on seat frame.

 SOLD - my favourite chair :(

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Thonet Kindersessel (Childs chair) No1

25"/63cm high with 'enamelled incised lines'.  A miniature version of the pair at the top of the page. 




Thonet Kinderfauteuil (Childs Armchair) No 15

12½"/32cm high

The cutest little Thonet you could wish for

All restored.  Cane not stained but this can be done to order.





Bearing the label in use up to 1921. 

This model does not appear in the 1904 catalogue, therefore must date from between 1904 and 1921

£50 in totally unrestored




Drehfauteuil (desk armchair) No 1/5501

The back and seat were originally caned and will be again.

£250 unrestored

£850 restored





#139 Similar style to #76 but perhaps a bit later.

This is from a set of 4 in as yet unrestored condition.

£100 for the set unrestored



#124 Musical chair

Not a Thonet but very cute.

This chair has a mechanism in the seat which makes it play a tune when sat upon. 

The movement has been removed for restoration.


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Other chairs for sale


Simply amazing mahogany 'library' chair





Barley twist Desk Chair






A selection of bedroom/occasional chairs.

Prices vary from £35 to £150

Now Sold


Tiny rustic rocking chair

Price   £20

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Childs bentwood chair.   No 14 style - NOT a Thonet

Re-caned seat.


now £80 




Childs Liberty style wavy back chair.







Childs rustic fruitwood chair.

New Thames rush seat.


now £120


Pair of miniature stools.


Danish Design
Now restored pictures coming soon.  

# 110 before restoration


Restored Restored back view
Restored Restored seats

# 74

Pair of teak Danish chairs designed by Arne Hovmand-Olsen for Mogens Kold

The seats have been rewoven with Danish cord and the woodwork restored to the original oil finish which gives a beautiful soft sheen.

Side view of the same pair


On their way to Euclid Midcentury in New Zealand

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Childs painted chair with rush seat.

£80  now £70


Adult Wycombe bow chair. 




Child's ebonised Wycombe bow



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#101 Library Chair



Beech library chair.  Single caned throughout - 3 panels with a daisy pattern in the centre of the back. 

Original seat with new beige dralon top cover





Fabulous Oak Fender stool re-rushed with Thames rushes


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All items for sale are described as accurately as possible.

Please remember that although restored, these chairs are antiques and should be treated with respect. 

The average person 100 years ago was somewhat smaller and considerably lighter than most of us today!!


Awaiting Restoration


We also have a large selection of small bedroom chairs available. 
These make excellent restoration projects for evening classes.

If you would like to come and see what we have in our showroom, please ring or send an email to make an appointment.


Unrestored Steamer Chair



Unrestored Steamer Chair



Dutch Country Oak Rushed Chair 



Superb and very rare

Walnut Corner or Reading Chair  - 

£600 unrestored



Very handsome oak  Tub Chair

Part recaned






English Country Ladderback Rushed Nursing Chair   



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Mahogany armchair with medallion back

and double caned arms. 

Labelled "Maple & Co"

See above



Rare Thonet, labelled and with the original very fine cane in the back panel.  Seat cane is not original.

Both need replacing to make it useable.


A very pretty Victorian heart back


Under restoration at present




Pair of Thonet No 14 cafe chairs - with a difference.

 Now finished and sold -see above   


Pair of very delicate Victorian ladies chairs.

£100 unrestored



Not a Wegner but maybe an Ebert Wels who, according to some, designed this in 1928 and Wegner copied it!

The original cord is flax flag halyard. 

 After much searching and surfing, I have found a suitable flag halyard with which to restring the chair.

£250 with the new cord but unstrung


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One of a  pair of rather sad ebonised side chairs



Childs mahogany rocking chair.

Originally this would have been on a stand/table and have had a foot rest and restraining rod through the arms.

The rockers were put on about 75 years ago.

Needing far more restoration than it appears in this photo.





Camel-back Hepplewhite style chair with drop-in seat.


Would be a good candidate for painting!



Three early C18th provincial French chairs - needing major restoration.

(Very shabby chic!)

Ideal candidates for painting - as would be originally.


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